Oase BioPress w/UVC

Oase BioPress w/UVC

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BioPress 2400- Max Pond Size 2400gal or w/fish 1200gal-Max Flow 2120 GPH-9watt UVC

BioPress 1600-Max Pond Size 1600 Gal or w/fish 800gal-Max Flow 2000GPH-9watt UVC

BioPress 1000-Max Pond Size 1000gal or w/Fish 500gal-Max Flow 1050GPH-7watt UVC

Combination of mechanical and biological cleaning, and effective UVC technology

Koi Pond Filtration maintains water quality. The overwhelming cause for most health problems in ponds is poor water quality. New England Koi offers a huge selection of Koi Pond Filters.

The BioPress UVC ensures a clear pond for your enjoyment and the health of surrounding wildlife. The pressure filter, with built-in UV Clarifier, is ideal for waterfalls with higher elevations. It offers mechanical and biological cleaning, and promises fast and thorough transformation of green water. The BioPress UVC is easy to operate and requires little upkeep. Filter foam and bio-media provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to settle.

Item #
Biopress 1000
$ 156.99
Biopress 1600
$ 219.99
Biopress 2400
$ 272.99