Tetra Bio Active Pressure Filters

Tetra Bio Active Pressure Filters
Tetra Bio Active Pressure Filters

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TetraPond Bio-Active Pond Filters – Pressurized Pond Filter and Biological Pond Filter Systems

Keep your pond clean and healthy with TetraPond Bio-Active Pond Filters. The Tetra Pond pressurized pond filter is designed with a unique open profile that increases exposure to the biological pond filter media. An easy-to-use back-flush valve helps you keep your water and filter media in top condition, reducing the need for disassembly and complicated maintenance.

Ponds are wonderful additions to any landscape, though they can require a lot of effort to keep them healthy and looking great. A reliable and easy-to-maintain filtration system is an essential tool for looking after your pond. TetraPond Bio-Active Pond Filters feature a unique design that is not only easy to clean but also provides superior filtration for your pond water.

The Bio-Active pressurized pond filter forces water through the bio-activators – the biological pond filter media – for mechanical and biological filtration. The bio-activators are small but they feature a relatively high surface area, the perfect place for developing an active layer of bio-film that removes ammonia and toxins from your pond water. Rather than forcing water through a one-directional flow, TetraPond’s open profile design allows the pond water unrestricted access to all bio-activator surfaces for maximum filtration.

TetraPond Bio-Active Pond Filters are designed with a one-step back-flush valve to make cleaning and maintenance faster and easier than ever. With the back-flush valve, you can reverse the pressurized pond filter’s internal water flow and divert it to a separate waste line away from the pond. That way, you can break up all the old, dead bio-film and debris inside the filter and pump it out of the system without disassembling your biological pond filter.

Item #
Tetra BP 1500 Pressurized Pond Filter
$ 229.00
Tetra BP 2500 Pressurized Pond Filter
$ 259.00
Tetra BP 4000 Pressurized Pond Filter
$ 299.00
Tetra BP 1500 Pressurized Filter with 9 watt UV
$ 329.00
Tetra BP 2500 Pressurized Filter with 18 watt UV
$ 379.00
Tetra BP 4000 Pressurized Pond Filter with 18 watt UV
$ 399.00