Evo UV

Evo UV

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Introducing the NEW evoUV!

The evoUV range features

- a unique internal flow pattern that allows for large range of pump size
- Straight through design minimizes friction losses
- Electronic ballast
- Integrated UV bulb life indicator and power light
- UV stabilised PE outer casing which has a higher reflective index than stainless steel
- Unique design that gives less head loss than other manufacturers’ models, saving energy costs
- Thermal safety protection means that the unit will switch off before it overheats
- 2" inlet and outlet on all models
- Unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically

The evoUV has a multifunction LED feature that will keep you informed as to the operating state of your evoUV, and the life of your bulb. The usable life of Evolution Aqua’s UV bulbs is 9000 hours. The memory chip is set to remind you that the bulb has passed 8000 hours, at which point you should think about replacing the bulb. The memory chip will only count the hours that power has been sent to the bulb. If you switch off the unit for any reason, such as winter shutdown, the memory chip will stop and only start counting again when you switch the unit back on. At this time, the memory chip will start counting from where it was before the evoUV was switched off.

LED Functons;

LED on = Power to bulb, bulb lit and bulb is operating normally
LED flashes slowly = Power to bulb, bulb has been running for more than 8000 hours
LED flashing rapidly = Power to bulb, bulb is not lit (i.e. bulb has failed)
LED Off = Check electrical supply

Item #
EVO Mark III UV Quartz Sleeve
$ 42.49
EVO Mark III 55 Watt Lamp
$ 42.49
EVO 55
EVO Mark III 55 UV-14530 gal pond @ 5280 gph
$ 331.49